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Assisted Living in Sandy springs Georgia

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Making the change to assisted living might feel a tad overwhelming at first, but most people who make the transition feel a sense of relief after downsizing, and leaving high maintenance and heating bills behind them. However, a truly great transition should be seamless as possible, meaning you get to carry on with living life your way, as you’ve always done, and that’s why we designed a welcoming community with 24-hour on-call staff who are ready to assist you when you need them, if you need them. Whatever daily tasks you may need a little help with, from medication management to eating or dressing, The Mann House Sandy Springs is here so you can keep on living your best life, just as you always have.

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Memory Care in sandy springs Georgia

Retiring with Grace

We honor our seniors for their experience and knowledge, and for all their amazing contributions to this great land, so it’s important that they get the respect they deserve as they age. At The Mann House Sandy Springs, we believe everyone should be able to retire with grace and live a life of dignity. So, when dementia-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s take hold, The Mann House’s memory care community is there for them, just as they’ve been there for us all through the years.


Our memory care community in Sandy Springs is a quaint residence with a country-living feel, a picket fence, and even a covered porch for relaxing and sharing good times with friends. Here, we provide a structured environment with familiar routines that helps those with dementia to keep calm and feel comforted. And our specialized cognitive-enhancement programs keep residents thinking and creating, which could increase cognitive ability. We’re here to help, to preserve their legacy, and let everyone retire with the grace and dignity they deserve.

Salus™ Wellness Philosophy: Making the Body/Mind Connection

The term Salus TM is a Latin word that means, simply, ‘well-being’ and it’s the fundamental foundation that informs all that we do for seniors here at The Mann House Sandy Springs. The SalusTM philosophy incorporates four crucial components of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. A healthy life is one that gives us the best opportunity to live well, live long, and to experience daily joy through living a life with purpose. We help residents reach their health goals and offer the support needed to make Salus TM health a way of life. Take a look at what our SalusTM programs provide:

Valeo™ Signature Programs: A Journey to Great Health

It’s important to live a live that is joyful, and to feel a sense of purpose and meaning in all that we do. And at Mann House Sandy Springs, we have built a community that supports those goals. It’s a community that is warm and welcoming, supportive, and challenging, and our ValeoTM Signature Programs offer residents myriad opportunities to learn and grow, to make new friends and thrive.


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