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Celebrating Life, as You Choose To Live It

Life is good and you’ve lived it well. And though you may have slowed down a little, your senior years can be just as great as those behind you. At The Mann House Cummings, we understand you want to keep on with your life as you’ve lived it. That’s why we’ve designed a community to fit your specific needs right here in the natural beauty of Cummings, Georgia — to assist you when you need it, and stay out of your way when you don’t, allowing you to lead as independent a life as possible. If you need a little assistance with daily tasks, from medication management to dressing, eating, etc., The Mann House Cummings is there for you, so you can keep on enjoying life, laughing, staying active, and spending time with the ones you love.

Cummings Georgia Assisted Living
Cummings Georgia Memory Care

Memory Care in Cumming Georgia

With Grandeur & Grace: Honoring Seniors

Seniors hold a special knowledge that can only come through years of experience. We honor them for their service to country and community. But for some, the years bring about dementia-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. The Mann House Cummings’ memory care community exists to help those living with moderate to severe dementia maintain their dignity and grace. It’s a community that provides a secure, structured environment in which residents have familiar routines that help to lower their stress and anxiety. And we’ve curated specialized programs and activities that have been proven to give residents with dementia their best chance of increasing cognitive functioning, to preserve their legacy and enhance those heartfelt moments with family and friends.

Salus™ Wellness Philosophy: Mind, Body, Spirit

Salus is Latin for ‘well-being’ and it’s at the core of everything we do for you. The Mann House’s SalusTM philosophy is the foundation of our specialized programs that incorporate the four components of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. We believe that a healthy journey is one that provides the best opportunities to live long and well, to experience joy, and to give our lives meaning and purpose. Our specialized SalusTM programs strive to bring a balance to life through the four components of wellness.

Valeo™ Signature Programs: Creating, Learning, Living

Joy and purpose — life isn’t much without both, and that’s why we’ve created a community that is not only social and welcoming, supportive and specialized, but it’s a community that is rooted in the philosophy that living life with joy and purpose is essential. Our ValeoTM Signature Programs offer residents an abundance of engagement activities that provide opportunities to learn, grow, and socialize.


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